Thursday, April 14, 2016

Finishing up the NEW Periodic Table in Special Ed.

It took us a long time to finish up the periodic table unit. We started in January and are finishing up this week. The kids really enjoyed it and wanted to listen to the updated periodic table song over and over everyday while they worked. 

They can all pretty much yell ARSENIC in unison after all that practice. 

We don't get in a hurry and everyone had different activities to work on based on their ability level. Nobody ended up finishing the way too hard word search!  

The identify the element app was a popular activity. 

The grand finale was the element poster. They each got to choose two and amazingly nobody even chose arsenic

Periodic Table-DONE!! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Simply Periodic Table Time

I found cute element cards online for my kids to cut out while we  listen to the "Periodic Table Song" on You Tube (the 'new' version, of course).  My students love to sing along! They also think it is so cool that more elements were added a few weeks ago. 

After they cut their cards out they race to place them in the correct order, creating the periodic table. 

Our high school science teacher did not have any suggestions for  "simpler" periodic table resources.  I easily found some online that meet the needs of my students. They are enjoying learning about science and trying to pronounce such crazy names! 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Reading Improves Reading- How I finally can get to them all, every day

The Best Way to Improve Reading Skills is to READ When There is Time Every Day 
I have finally found a fluency set that is easy for me to keep up with, engaging for my students, and easily shows progress. I started experimenting with it last spring, in hopes of implementing it in the fall with all of my students. It was a success! You can purchase it here:
I have tried many different reading programs over the years, both on line and in paper form- but always ran into barriers to getting to every student, every day. I have been using this every day for six weeks now and it has turned out to be the best I have found to meet my needs. Each level includes both fiction and non fiction passages and comprehension questions for each passage. My favorite part is how simple it is to keep up with. I can even pull students I don't have in class in for a daily read without causing them to miss any instruction in their regular ed. class.  

This also would work well with a Daily Five program for younger students. My kids love charting their progress at the end of the week to see how much they have improved! I teach special education to grades 7-12. If you need something age appropriate for your struggling readers I highly recommend purchasing this set from Melissa Mazur at TPT. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Paper Making and Nature Poetry

After studying informational texts and watching videos about paper, how it's made, and how it is used, we tried our hand at making our own recycled paper in the classroom. 
After swishing our paper around in water for a long time we added it to the blender to help it turn back into pulp. Some of the students added glitter and food coloring also. 

Here is some paper being swished around to turn it back to pulp.

The end result! We are going to add homemade stick frames to our recycled paper. We will write our moms a poem for Mother's Day and use the recycled paper as the background.
This student is collecting items in nature to write a poem about. This creek is part of our school campus.

Here are some of the items found in the outdoor classroom area to use for our nature poems.

Back in the classroom we use magnifiers to take a closer look at our poetry inspirations while we work on our brainstorming poetry worksheet. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Better late than never....My Minecraft Classroom Theme Pictures

At the end of last year I let me students vote on the theme for my classroom. I have the same students several years in a row since I am the middle school resource teacher at a very small school. Of course there was an overwhelming vote for MINECRAFT because my students are somewhat obsessed with it. So here are some pictures I found on my phone that show most of my classroom. You even get to see me on ugly sweater day (: 


Resource Math Practicing Remedial Skills

My students each have a set of Hot Dots cards and a Hot Dots Pen to practice remedial skills 

Here is a set of task cards for practicing adding and subtracting fractions. I supplement their common core book with task cards to reinforce the skills they are leaning from the book. This way I can pull them back out from time to time to help my students retain the skill that was taught. 

Any task cards that are made in QR code format are a hit in my classroom. This set is by Teaching with Heart in Texas .

A large part of time in my class is spent working on multiplication facts. I teach grades 5-8 and we work directly out of their Common Core books every other week. The other week is spent working on remedial skills. Knowing their multiplication facts is vital to be able to participate in the grade level standards.  I have ONE out of TWELVE students who has mastered the multiplication facts for numbers 1-12 in my special education math class.  In order to pass a number they must be able to complete a fact family sheet (pictured above) in 2 minutes (3 minutes if they have a processing delay). 

Fraction Fun

As part of our fractions unit my students had fun playing this Free Range Fractions game by Educational Insights .

These fraction circles are made of foam and magnetic

And the favorite was Pizza Fraction Fun . This set included 8 different fractions games to practice their skills. The pizza slices are very realistic.